Bicol Region, Philippines

J. Emmanuel Pastries

Jacana St. RJ Village
Haring, Canaman,
Camarines Sur, Bicol

Joseph G. Lomibao & Maria Lydia Perez Lomibao

(6354) 474.5160


United States Distributor:
Exclusive Foods Int’l, L.P.
Phone: 412-519-4176
Fax: 412-650-5454

International Market:
US, Japan , Canada

Local Market:
Bicol, Laguna, Metro Manila , Cebu

HALAL Certified
Year Established: 1997
Total Asset: 25M (Php)
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Companies

J. Emmanuel Pastries:

Pili Nut from Bicol to the World

J. EMMANUEL PASTRIES, which started as a backyard scale pili nut producer in 1997, is now a small enterprise with an asset size of P 10 million. The company experienced increasing sales from 1997 to present due to its aggressive production and marketing strategies. Additional investments for modern production and packaging equipment and tools resulted to increased production capacity and ultimately led to new markets.

The company has strictly complied with the government regulations particularly imposed by Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) and the required bar coding by big retail establishments.


  • to make pili nut a prime product of the Bicol Region that shall be known globally
  • to create a wider base of consumers of pili nut products while keeping its distinct taste as a true Filipino delicacy
  • to contribute to the economic, social and cultural upliftment of Bicol consistent with its proud heritage and history
  • to promote the tourism and entrepreneurship programs of the government through the promotion of indigenous products that are marketable to both domestic and foreign tourists


We envision J. Emmanuel Pastries  as the home of quality pili food delicacies and other Bicol products that are :

  • of premium quality and aptly reflect Bicol taste, culture and heritage whose seal of excellence shall be known and promoted throughout the country and abroad
  • nutritionally healthy and of world-class quality whose processing and packaging conform with international health and environmental standards

And lastly, where food preparation and manufacturing are competently handled by a skilled local labor force, food technicians and a marketing staff who are justly compensated for their labor and thus contribute to their well-being as productive citizens and livelihood earners


With the relentless efforts of J. Emmanuel Pastries, the Pili Nut products are making their mark in the world market. Now we have the premium quality nuts, still made in the traditional Bicol way but with that much needed twist. The Bicol pili nuts have been enhanced and packaged in a very appealing fashion. The fusion of the old and new is evident in the products which bore the seal of excellence and appeals to both the local and the international clients.

This in a nutshell is the pleasure and delight that we can get as we savor each Pili nut. Grab a packet and we promise you, you can’t just get enough!

Not to be eclipsed by the pili nuts, we have other interesting products – the Sesame Balls, deliciously eaten straight from the packet and the Coconut Jam, slap it on the bread or serve it generously to compliment desserts. Yum! It feels like tasting your mom’s homemade sweeties. Interesting items for your breakfast or snack pantry!


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  3. Dionisio Enclona

    can you provide me a cellphone number, preferably globe or tm cp no. so that i can contact you right away for faster communication?

    October 19, 2017 at 12:24 AM

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