Bicol Region, Philippines

OKB-Gayon Bicol

Madya na sa OKB-Gayon Bikol 2012.
Maghirilingan kita duman asin sa giraray,
makisumaro sa satuyang Orgullo.

We invite you to Orgullo Kan Bikol, our pride.

Take pleasure in Bicol’s finest handcrafted products and partake of
our prime food delicacies. Sixteen years of OKB tradition honed
our local artisans and entrepreneurs to produce best products
while adapting to changing market preferences.

Today, this marketing and cultural event has more to offer: wearables &
homestyle, furniture & furnishing, processed foods like Bicol express,
pili nut snack variants, native kakanin, pineapple derivatives,
fish and meat specialties among others that will surely delight you.

Enjoy daily Fashion Shows plus Live Musical and Cultural
Extravaganza by Bicolano artists, entertainers, & movie/ TV personalities.
Savor Bicol delicacies at the OKB Cafe; get entertained, be delighted!!!

OKB-Gayon Bikol 2012, October 4-7, 2012, Megatrade Hall 2, Level 5,
Bldg. B., SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Opening Program:
1:00 pm, October 4, 2012, with Atty. Leni Robredo as Keynote Speaker.

Madya asin hilinga an pinakamararahay na mga gibong abaka
gikan sa Isla de Cobos na ngonyan inaapod nang probinsya kan
Catanduanes, kun sain man minatambo an mga kahoy nin tandu
asin samdong.

Madya asin magkakan kan pinakamasiram na karne nin baka na
pinaglalawig sa mga kabuludan kan probinsya kan Masbate,
an Rodeo Capital kan Pilipinas.

Kun muya mo kan mga produktong gibo sa bunga kan pili,
namitan an mga kakanon sa probinsya kan Sorsogon asin
isabay naman an mga mahahamis na pinya asin an iba pang
gibo sa mahamis na bunga kan probinsya nin Camarines Norte.

Gikan sa daghan kan Bulkan Mayon, mansayan an kagayonan
kan mga gibo sa dulay sa probinsya kan Albay mantang sa
probinsya nin Camarines Sur naghahalat na mahiling mo an
mga magagayon asin mahihimbong na mga hina’bol na parehong
gibo kan mga mahihigos na kamot kan mga Bikolnon.

Ngonyan an panahon na an mga balaog kan Bikol pinagmarahay
na tiriponon sa sarong lugar nganing mahiling ta an mga produktong ini,
na ngonyan binubuksan an pagkakataon para sa lambang saro na
magpuon na nin pagmukna, paghaman asin pagpapakusog kan mga
negosyo asin kabuhayan sa satuyang ronang Bikol.

Kaya, madya asin makisumaro an gabos sa Orgullo Kan Bikol.

– Kristian Cordero
para sa OKB

Experience the finest abaca made products from “Isla de Cobos” now called Catanduanes where the tandu and samdong tree thrives in abundance. Taste the quality beef of Rodeo Capital of the Philippines, Masbate. Savour the different pili products delectably made from the province of Sorsogon. Also, explore the diverse products of Camarines Norte made from pineapple fruit. From the heart of Mayon Volcano, witness the beauty of ceramic products of Albay and behold the best woven products from Camariness Sur.

Now woven together to create opportunities and investments in Bicol.

Come and join OKB!

– Kristian Cordero
for OKB


3 responses

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  2. Jaime E. Masagca

    Tandu is not a tree but a specie of click beetle which children place its head on an empty can which amplifies the clicking sound made by the bettle. But I don’t know what a sambong tree is.

    May 11, 2014 at 9:37 PM

    • Thanks for your comment Jim!
      Yes, I remember we used to play with tandu when we were kids. Those were the days of our childhood very much worth remembering.

      May 11, 2014 at 9:58 PM

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