Bicol Region, Philippines

Why Bicol is OK

Why is Bicol OK?

There are many factors that make Bicol OK.
These factors interplay and intertwine in a wide spectrum
making our region beautiful (magayon) and exciting (maogma).

To my mind, these factors may be fused into three (3) categories:

Bicol is naturally endowed with botanical and zoological wonders.
Pili is indigenous to the region. The biggest flower is found in the mountains of Iriga. The smallest fish is in Lake Buhi and the biggest whalesharks are seen in Donsol. Many species of marvelous flora and fauna inhabit our fertile volcanic lands and rich bodies of water. The various kinds of plants and animals in Bicol make the region a photographer’s haven; the hush and lush of the peninsula, a poet’s sanctuary.

The scenic landscape of the Bicol Peninsula is unrivaled.
Majestic Mayon Volcano is a natural wonder. The numerous beauty spots found across Bicolandia attract throngs of local and foreign visitors. Our natural and man-made attractions rival those of other countries in the world. Eco-tourism areas continue to be discovered and developed to wow every tourist that sets foot on this land of the Ibalong. Verdant vales and vibrant dales are sights to behold.

People & History. Culture & Arts. Crafts & Cuisine, Events & Festivals. Religion & Politics…
… all these contribute to the excitement in the land called Bicolandia. Rooted from ethnic origins of the ancient “Ibals”, the so-called ‘descendants’ of Baltog, Handyong and Bantong, have produced many beauty queens, talented artists, composers and distinguished individuals in different fields. Varied festivals in vivid colors attest to the fun-loving and peace-abiding people, ever proud of their deep socio-religious tradition and rich cultural heritage.

© Chito L. Aguilar


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The pages of this section contain photographs (retratos) and literary works (rawitdawit)

In this section, RETRATOS-RAWITDAWIT, readers can share their own works;
“obras” that contribute to make Bicol OK or highlight beauty and fun in Bicol –

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