Bicol Region, Philippines

Llomar Food Enterprises

Address 196 Purok 5 Paulog, Ligao City, Albay, Philippines
Mobile (+63920) 951.8048 / (+63918) 948.0358
Contact Person Maria Jeil Martinez, Manager
Products Makapuno(mutant coconut) in Syrup, tiny shrimps cooked in coconut milk (Bicol Express),
Shrimp extract cooked in coconut milk (Bicol Patis), Dried Taro Leaves

Llomar Food Enterprises is a Philippine company whose array of products continues to tickle the palate of adventurous markets worldwide.

Llomar is popular for its Bicol Express products, a spicy and mouth-watering best seller from the region. Bicol Express is recognized as a versatile ingredient – perfect as condiment or garnishing to spice up rice, meat or pasta preparations. Every dining experience certainly becomes exciting with Bicol Express to perk up a meal.

In 2008, the company gave the traditional Bicol Express an exciting twist by introducing its variants: tuna, beef and chicken. The traditional and tuna variants, developed in compliance with USFDA requirements, are ready for introduction initially to the US market, especially to the Filipino-American consumers who continue to crave for “recipes back home”. Llomar, likewise is eyeing the Halal market with its chicken and beef variants to cater to Filipino consumers based in the Middle East.

Llomar continues to enhance its competitive edge and uniqueness of their products through regular participation in trade and business events organized by government locally and abroad. The company is also actively engaged in the government’s business development programs aimed at facilitating market entry and preparedness of their products in target markets. A living success story that small business can aspire to become big, Llomar was cited as an outstanding model for agri-entrepreneurship in the Philippines.


2 responses

  1. fathy

    i really love patis bic0l my tita used to cooked that and its so yum yum yum.. Will try y0ur’s to c0mpare the difference.

    October 20, 2013 at 12:25 AM

    • Thanks, Fathy for the interest you have shown on our Bicol patis. Give us feedback…

      October 21, 2013 at 10:53 AM

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