Bicol Region, Philippines

Chosen Pili Products and Companies

CHOSEN PILI is a play on words. In Tagalog, which is the inter-island lingua franca of Filipinos, “pili” means “to choose”; if  pronounced faster, with a glottal stop at the end, “pili” would mean “chosen”.

The best pili nut companies from the Philippines’ Bicol Peninsula have all come together under one Regional Brand: CHOSEN PILI, a seal of high quality afforded only to Pili Nut products that meet stringent international food safety and quality standards.

The following companies embody the CHOSEN PILI ideals, offering only the best and choicest Pili Nut product variants, from the Philippines to the world.  They have consolidated their efforts in assuring international product standards, consumer-friendly packaging, and innovative product development. They have gone as far as modernizing Pili Nut product variants to keep up with the cosmopolitan palate’s evolving food preferences, and the world’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Tia Berning Pili Candies and Handicraft

C.O.P Pili Sweets and Pastries

J. Emmanuel Pastries

Albay Pilinut

Llomar Foods Enterprises

More companies within Bicol are being groomed to join the CHOSEN PILI group. Branding and packaging are being developed, and stakeholders are trained to meet international food standards.


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